considering MGL efis/EMS for my 650.  Anyone have experience with them.  Reliability, support, warranted service, etc?

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I've had the MGL XTreme mini-EFIS and EMS in my STOL 750 for years.  They seem to be "bulletproof" as far as reliability - I've never had an issue with them.  So, no experience with warranty repairs, but technical support was excellent.  However, sales and service has relatively recently switched to Michigan Avionics and I have no experience with them.  I notice that Michigan Avionics has put out some good demo videos and seem to be actively involved with the products and not just a passive dealer.  MGL also has a forum that is very helpful with advice from both the MGL developer and other users.

There is a lot of custom set-up and calibration available in the units.  For instance, the EFIS has autopilot driver software so all you have to do is add servos and AHRS and you have a 2-axis autopilot. I switched the mechanical VDO oil sender on my Jab 3300 to a solid-state sender and the EMS allowed custom calibration of the sender with pressures accurate +/- 1 psi! I also added a magnetometer and it is self-calibrating and phenomenally accurate!

Obviously I'm very pleased with these units and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them!



I've had the iEFIS and the V6 radio for a few years and find them both to be excellent. I like how customisable the iEFIS is, though I'm yet to do any hard core programming on it. 

Not long after installation the card reader stopped working and MGL repaired it without question. At the time their support was in Torrence, CA which was close enough for me to drop it off. While I was there, they asked about my equipment etc and designed me a custom screen that fit my plane and installed it when they returned the unit to me.

Recently my oil pressure was reading 0 and I exchanged a few emails about it with their support in Michigan and I thought they were very helpful, gave me some troubleshooting suggestions (in the end it was a faulty sender wire).

I'd definitely recommend them

I've used MGL for 10years.  I started out with the with the Blaze EMS when it had a black and white display.  I presently have the EMS-2 color display for my engine monitor.  I've also used the FF-1 fuel computer for monitoring fuel flows and fuel levels in the wing tanks.  As a COVID-19 project, I installed the iEFIS MX-1.  The FF-1 was taken out to free up panel space since the both the MX-1 and EMS-2 both display fuel information.

I've been happy with MGL.  MGL has a forum where you can get support as well as Michigan Avionics. So far they have helped me resolve the 2 or 3 issues I've had.

Below is a short video documenting the evolution of my instrument panel over time. 

Instrument panel evolution. 

Does MGL display ADS-B weather and traffic?

EDIT: Nevermind. Found the answer on their site.

Thanks guys.  Good info and helps clear the air.  Want to use 10.4 inch Lite system but must add height to ins panel to move screen in front of pilot.  650 panel is only about 11 inches high in the center.  Have plan to add1.5 inches to bottom of panel.  It works with minimal impact on leg room.

  Xtreme efis/ems a little small for aged eyes......but very cost effective .

I believe you need 3d party receiver for ADSB in and weather.

I'm using uAvionix EchoUAT and SkyFX for ADS-b in and out.  The MGL displays the weather and traffic.

I installed a couple of MGL xtremes into my recent 650 build. i love them. great to have full redundancy in terms of flight and engine instruments. i have used MGL for a number of years starting with the Odyssey 10 years ago. i love the product and the support. i also found it way cheaper to purchase from the UK dealer for some reason.


My most recent MGL purchase was the SP-6 magnetometer sensor.  Like Stuart, I found it to be substantially less expensive (even accounting for shipping) to purchase from the UK dealer vs US dealers!  Maybe due to the strength of the US dollar?


Hi All

Anyone got photos / diagrams for adding autopilot to the MGL xTreme 

Using in the 650 - 

Ideas suggestions welcome





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