My Flightline 760 radio died after 800 hours. Looking for ideas for replacement, need to fit 2 1/4 inch round hole in panel. Goes in 750 Cruzer. Using handheld is getting old.



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I've had a MGL V6 for about 11 years and it works great.  Fits a 2 1/4 hole and only weighs 250 gm.  It also has a built-in intercom and stereo music input.



Possible, V6 replaced with V16, but on indefinite back order at Spruce, Pilot Shop, and other online providers. Next suggestion?


Possible, V6 replaced with V16, but on indefinite back order at Spruce, Pilot Shop, and other online providers. Next suggestion?

Confusing!  Spruce still shows the V6 in-stock and in the Q&A, MGL says it has not been discontinued, only the V10 has be discontinued.  I notice they now call it "SW Avionics V6" - apparently SW Avionics is a service center in AZ?  In any event, I also noted that old reviews of the V6 are universally excellent (as in back when I bought mine!), but recent reviews are not good at all!  So, makes me wonder if there has been some fundamental change in manufacturing/quality control?

Bottom line looks like the V16 has at least as much if not more bang for the buck and also very good reviews, so I agree this would be the way to go if you're looking at MGL.  Too bad the V16 is on backorder!  I notice "Parts4Aircraft" appears to have it in-stock for $788 USD (no VAT tax on US shipments!).  That's in the UK (Northern Ireland) and I've bought MGL components from them at no more cost and usually less, depending on the USD/Euro exchange rate. They're definitely a reliable company.


If you have a place to mount a remote radio, the MGL V16 radio with a 2 1/4" Vega control head is $200 cheaper than the V6. However, the V16 is on backorder right now.

I have the MGL Avionics V16 radio with the Vega remote head and it has been very reliable so far.  Same hole size for the head just a remote mounted radio.  In uses since the fall of 2021.  Built in two place intercom just like the V6 that John Austin has. 

Attempting not to use a remote head, installing a two piece radio after panel installed is not my idea of fun.


agree with mr. Burns...i have v16 with vega head in my 701 and it is awesome. Full color, lots of options, reliable. Sun and moon from fl760

SPA folks say it has been a couple of years since they successfully ordered in a new FL760. Suggested Becker or Microair as replacement.

Thanks for the idea.


Sorry for the bad lead, that's good to know. I had seen that radio from browsing their site when looking for Corvair info. I used to use a handheld Icom that had a little holder where I could hook it to the panel and connect up to the antenna wire built into the plane. It wasn't ideal :( Good luck with finding a replacement.


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