My CH 650 kit should be arriving in the near future. I will pick up the kit at a nearby trucking terminal. Question: has anyone used a large engine hoist to offload the crate from their utility trailer? Seems doable to me.

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I don't know about box size for a 650, but the box for my Cruzer was huge and heavy...Like 12' long.  An engine hoist might do it but it will be very hard to balance and I'm not sure you're going to be able to spread out the load enough.  At the terminal they should have a have a fork lift to load it on whatever you have.  I had mine put on a large trailer and took it to my hangar...had the airport forklift there to put it in the hangar.  Your best bet may be to get it to your location, open the box and load the stuff inside...there is a lot of stuff!!!!  So be prepared to store some large sheets of aluminum.

I bought a partially completed kit (rudder, HT, and wing skeletons done) and used a 16' enclosed trailer to pick up the big crate which was largely untouched.  The previous builder had made two dollies - cut a 2x6 the width of the crate, put a cleat on each end to secure it to the crate, and put castering wheels on each end.  They sort of looked like giant skate boards! The trailer had a drop-down rear door that doubled as a ramp.  Three of us were able to simply wheel the crate up into the trailer and tie it down.  When I got home, I didn't have any immediate help available to unload, so I used my compact tractor with a loader bucket to pick up the back end of the crate and roll it out of the trailer onto the driveway and then I could wheel it into my garage.  The dollies were really nice as I could maneuver the crate to different areas of the garage as the build progressed and things had to be re-oriented to accommodate the build table, fuselage, etc.

If your trailer has a ramp on the rear, some sort of dollies under the ends really make it easy to unload and you can leave the parts inside and protected if you have the space for the crate.



I just unpacked and disassembled the crate while it was still on the trailer. Only took a couple of hours, and was pretty easy to do.


I hired a platform tow truck to unload my 701 kit. It used its winch to slide the box on the platform and unloaded it in my garage by tilting the platform.

  I just slid it part way off the back of the trailer onto the floor. Put two dollys under it .Held the front up ,drove the trailer out from under it.

If I had a hoist on the trailer end, It would have easier  on my buddys back. with one end on the floor it's fairly stable,

I have unboxed one still on the trailer. If you have the time and room that is the slickest way.




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