I need a towbar for my 750 STOL. I have an attachment for the front wheel (see photo). Anyone have a simple plan/design for a towbar. Hopefully something that can fold/collapse to easily bring in the plane. 


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Haven't seen one, but it should be fairly easy to make. Out of curiosity, how long are you planning to make this bar so it has to be folded to get into the plane?

I’d like it pretty long, so I don’t have to dodge the prop wheeling it around. Looks like some

good ideas below. 

This is what I would do:

The tubes/bars are drawn thicker than they'd actually be, for illustrative purposes. The length of each tube/bar segment would be up to your preferences. You could also change, or swap, the bolt and cotter pin locations to make it fold the way you want. If you want to get more complicated, You can even design in a curve after the bar clears the prop, so it's easier to handle.

It also occurs to me that just making one tube that slides into another, with a cotter pin to hold it in place, might be simpler to make.

On my STOL 750, there is slot in the curved steel plate that bolts to the NG fork.  Years ago, Zenith sold a lightweight tow bar that simply hooks into the slot.  It was a straight tube with a 90 degree bend on one end for a handle.

To make it more compact, I just cut the long straight tube into two pieces and inserted a short length of smaller tube that just fits inside the tow bar tube and riveted it in place with a couple of inches protruding.  I then slipped the upper half of the original tow bar tube over this and drilled a hole all the way through the two tubes.  I insert a L handle quick release pin that has a spring-loaded ball for retention.  When disassembled, I hold the pieces together with a heavy rubber band. It's compact enough that it will fit on the floor behind my seat.  I'll try to get a pic next time I'm over at the hangar.

Obviously, Keith's tow bar would need a different fitting to match the one on his plane, but the quick and simple break-down method I used is another alternative.

BTW, I posted about an "Industrial Strength Tow Bar!" years ago.  This was a heavy towbar I used for around the hangar.  In the first picture, in the background you can see the very lightweight tow bar that Zenith sold - this was before I cut it in two so it would break-down for traveling.



That looks exactly what I’d need. Thanks!

Here's a couple of pics of my very simple, very lightweight, collapsible tow bar.  Obviously, it would have to have a different nose fork connector for Keith's application, but the pinned connection in the middle of the tow bar could be used with a variety of tow bar designs:


I just push down the tail and walk it where ever I want it. Guess I'm just use to it from moving around tail dragers.


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