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John Austin's Discussions

Aircraft Beacon Alternatives?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Matt Pope May 21. 19 Replies

I've been toying with the idea of adding a red beacon on the belly of my STOL 750.  (I'll probably keep adding mods until the plane won't fly and then it'll be time to quit! LOL!)  I was at Sun 'n…Continue

Tags: sunbeacon, beacon

Vinyl Wrap Updates?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Matt Pope May 17. 7 Replies

Recently, I noticed the clear protective tape (aviation-grade leading edge tape) I have on the extended lip on the underside of my 750 STOL's cowl was yellowing and slightly blistered where the…Continue

Tags: wrap, vinyl

Leg Cushion Extension Mod

Started this discussion. Last reply by John Austin Sep 28, 2022. 7 Replies

Seems like over the last couple of years or so I've been starting to notice more discomfort on long cross-countries.  My STOL 750's seats have always been very comfortable - they have 3 layers of…Continue

Tags: seat, foam, cushion, Leg

LSA "Driver's License Medical"/Cataract Surgery?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Perry Delano Sep 21, 2022. 8 Replies

"Someone" I know has a Zenith 750 STOL and since it is LSA qualified, flies with a "driver's license medical."  He is contemplating cataract surgery involving multifocal intraocular lens implants. …Continue

Tags: cataract, lens, vision, medical, license


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Apr 21
LARRY TRAMEL left a comment for John Austin
"Thanks, John for showing me your plane I got a lot of info from our visit. You have a beautiful home and landing strip in on of Tennessee most beautiful valleys. Hope you got your water leak fixed and sorry if I held you up. Thanks again"
Oct 12, 2022
John Austin posted a discussion

Leg Cushion Extension Mod

Seems like over the last couple of years or so I've been starting to notice more discomfort on long cross-countries.  My STOL 750's seats have always been very comfortable - they have 3 layers of soft, medium, and firm temperature-sensitive foam ("Confor Foam"), but now I seem to have a couple of pressure points over the hip joints that I previously didn't have.  My weight hasn't changed, so perhaps a bit of arthritis? has made the joints more sensitve - who knows!?In looking at the ergonomics…See More
Sep 23, 2022
John Austin posted a discussion

LSA "Driver's License Medical"/Cataract Surgery?

"Someone" I know has a Zenith 750 STOL and since it is LSA qualified, flies with a "driver's license medical."  He is contemplating cataract surgery involving multifocal intraocular lens implants.  As "someone" understands it, the FAA says that pilots with a FAA third class medical having this surgery are grounded for 90 days to allow their vision to stabilize.  The regs seem to be silent, however, as far as the "driver's license medical."  My friend's ophthalmologist says that most patients'…See More
Sep 21, 2022
John Austin posted a discussion

5 Minute 750 STOL Padded Console Mod!

In anticipation of the 5+ hr cross-country to the Zenith Homecoming (Sept 16 and 17), I wanted to increase my comfort for the trip.  I have very comfortable memory foam padded seats, but I usually rest my right calf against the aft vertical edge of the center console and after a while, it's a bit uncomfortable.I bought a "Crazed Pilot" headset pad from ACS - it seemed to have the perfect amount of padding since some headset pads are too soft and this was a bit firmer.   I marked a centerline on…See More
Sep 7, 2022
John Austin posted a discussion

Has insurance peaked?

After reading time after time about major increases in aviation insurance premiums, I was holding my breath when my broker told me it was time to renew and she'd get me a quote.  To my great surprise, my premium quote was lower than last year!  The quote was down by about 4% - not a huge amount, but definitely in the right direction!  This is for exactly the same liability and hull coverage with no changes elsewhere in the contract.  Also, there was no change in my history as far as additional…See More
Jun 7, 2022
John Austin posted a photo


Apr 22, 2022
John Austin posted a discussion

EGT Probe Failure Symptoms

The #1 EGT probe on my Jab 3300 has become slightly erratic.  It occasionally fluctuates quite a bit, but never goes completely out.  The probe has 730+ hrs and I'm guessing it might simply be wearing out, or, perhaps I've got some corrosion or poor contact in the wiring connectors, etc.Just wondered if anyone has seen this and is a probe failure usually an "all or nothing" event or do erratic fluctuations predict imminent failure?  Obviously I don't think the fluctuations are actual EGT…See More
Feb 18, 2022
John Austin posted a discussion

Sun 'n Fun Camping

I've flown my STOL 750 to Sun 'n Fun several times and camped in Homebuilt Camping - which I highly recommend!  However, this year a good friend and neighbor wants me to go with him and dry-camp at Sun 'n Fun in his tag-a-long travel trailer (sadly, he had to hang up the flying about a year ago).We'll only be there a couple of nights (probably Wed/Thurs), so no online reservations are available for that according to the Sun 'n Fun website.Just wondered if some of you who have done this or are…See More
Feb 9, 2022
John Austin posted a discussion

Heater Fan Idea

My cabin heat is fed outside air through a NACA duct on the side of the cowl (Jabiru 3300).  NACA ducts are great to smoothly and passively flow air, but since it's not an air scoop, the flow is rather anemic!  I recently relocated my flap switch to just under the throttle, leaving a rectangular rocker switch hole beside my cabin heat control, which I had blanked-off.  Long ago, I had made a…See More
Jan 25, 2022
2 discussions started by John Austin were featured
Jan 11, 2022
John Austin posted a discussion

... and a few more "I've been meaning to do that" projects! How about yours?

We're finally getting a bit of winter here in East Tennessee, having had lots of great flying weather up till now. One of my resolutions (partially inspired by Dan Niendorff's " A Couple of Upgrades ") was to get out to the hangar on crummy weather days and do some of those projects that "I've been meaning to do" and have put off - nothing major, but little things that "I'll do…See More
Jan 7, 2022
John Austin posted a discussion

Flap Switch Relocation

We've had a mild winter so far here in East Tennessee with some great flying days, but I took advantage of a rainy day when I couldn't fly my STOL 750 to relocate my flap switch.  I had originally mounted it at the bottom of the vertical face of the center console (for the life of me I can't remember the rationale for that location! LOL!).  I "guess" I didn't think I would be sitting as high as I am relative to the console and would be able to just slide my right hand forward to reach the…See More
Jan 4, 2022
John Austin posted a discussion

Gen 4 Engine Owners - rf Noise Experience?

There used to be a lot of buzz (pun intended!) about excessive rf noise generated by early Jabiru engines.  My engine (#2427) was built in the transition from Gen 2 to Gen 3, so it has some of the Gen 3 upgrades but certainly not all.My engine seemed "noisy" electronically - it had a lot of background static on distant radio transmissions.  I've followed the Jabiru-CAMit Owners Group for years and had seen similar reports and I implemented some of the suggested fixes - ferrite chokes on various…See More
Nov 17, 2021
John Austin posted a photo

It Doesn't Get Much Better Than This!

Approaching my strip in the head of the beautiful Sequatchie Valley after an hour of low and slow in the STOL 750. It's a warm Fall day and the tree color is peaking - the 750 provides the best seat in the house!
Nov 9, 2021
John Austin posted a discussion

TRIPLTEK 8" Pro Tablet

51 Drones, one of the YouTube channels about flying drones,  had a very positive review about this TRIPLTEK 8" Pro.  The reviewer kept mentioning how bright it was, even in direct sunlight, liked the fact that it was heat resistant to 120F and didn't go dark like his Apple phone and tablet, and had a 12,200 mAh…See More
Oct 15, 2021

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Throttle Reversing Bell Crank

Posted on November 26, 2019 at 9:30pm 4 Comments

Some time back, I replaced the Bing carb on my STOL 750/Jabiru 3300 with a Sonex/AeroConversion "AeroInjector" throttle body carb.  The AeroInjector's throttle body slide operates in reverse to most other carburetors in that the throttle cable pushes in to close the slide and reduce the rpm's to idle and the cable pulls the slide open for full throttle.  Typically, most builders use an AeroConversion throttle quadrant to reverse the cable direction.  By attaching the throttle cable below the…


NavWorx ADS600-EXP Global AMOC (Alternative Means of Compliance) Disable UAT

Posted on December 26, 2017 at 3:00pm 0 Comments

Today, I received a letter from the FAA approving my application for an AMOC (alternative means of compliance) for the AD affecting the NavWorx ADS600-EXP:

A little background:  The ADS600-EXP is subject to an AD that…


STOL 750 - 500 hrs!

Posted on November 29, 2017 at 10:00pm 5 Comments

I accumulated this over 5 years and 4 months.  Annuals have been non-events for the airframe - finally had to install new brake pads during my recent annual and that's about it for parts over 5 years!  At about 100 hrs I did replace the 800 series tires with 600 series, but that was just personal preference.  They look like they'll be good for one more…


uAvionix skyBeacon ADSB-OUT Installation and Review

Posted on October 25, 2017 at 10:30pm 25 Comments

uAvionix has recently introduced the "skyBeacon," a FAA-approved (meets 2020 mandate requirements), wing-tip mounted ADSB-OUT transmitter with an internal WAAS GPS that features a simple, 2-wire installation using existing nav light wiring and no additional antenna installation or cabling - and it only weighs 90 grams!.  uAvionix sent me a pre-production…


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At 3:59pm on May 24, 2023, Bill Alexander said…


Yes thank you for your research and development of many mods to your 750. I have copied your design for the four point harness. I ordered the tubing and plate from Aircraft Spruce. Then read your write up, cut to length at 23 degrees, welded up, and guess what? A perfect fit. M y question is do you still have the information on the belts you ordered from Crow? The lengths ? Or order number for them to reference too. Yep still going , I did install the Edge bore kit on my 912 and with 50 hr on it it seems to be doing really well. I should find time and make a trip up to TN for a visit.

Regards Bill Alexander.

At 1:43pm on May 4, 2023, Michael A Housewert said…
John Austin ... John .... Then approximately how from the wing tip before transitioning from 30 to 60 mm spacing for the VG's?
At 10:58am on October 12, 2022, LARRY TRAMEL said…

Thanks, John for showing me your plane I got a lot of info from our visit. You have a beautiful home and landing strip in on of Tennessee most beautiful valleys. Hope you got your water leak fixed and sorry if I held you up. Thanks again

At 6:35am on June 18, 2021, Joe Hopwood said…

Hi John, 

Michael Mccarthy put a comment on my wall that he has tried to contact me before and I did not reply, but he has not contacted.  Don't know for sure whether he attempted and it just did not get to me.  I tried to reply but his is set to private.  I do not want to send email to the one in his comment as that would expose my email.  Is he a valid member?

At 10:26am on May 2, 2021, Chris M. Brammer, Jr. said…

Sorry John.  Did not mean to offend anyone, or post an add to sell my plane.  Was merely replying to a question on my selection of a 0-320 engine.  Don’t see how to delete, so maybe you can do that for me.   Chris

At 6:15pm on December 5, 2020, Dennis Hutchinson said…


I just changed my internet service from AT&T to Xfinity, which as a result, my e-mail address is changing. How do I change my e-mail address for my log-in? When I go to my profile options, I follow the link for “change” under the e-mail settings, at it just dumps me back to the previous page. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Dennis Hutchinson 

At 3:19pm on July 2, 2020, Mel Asberry said…

Hey John,  Thanks for the heads-up n the DAR question. I normally don't visit the 750 forums.  I'm happy to "act" as a DAR consultant whenever I can help.

Maybe there could be an "Inspector Consultant" forum.

At 10:26am on August 29, 2019, Jeffery R Millburg said…

John , their is inspection panels for the rear tail where u need them call me   1-217-473-3269 Jeff millburg ch750

At 2:23pm on May 1, 2019, Jack E Martin said…

Hello John,

First I want to thank you for all the good information you have shared with the forum.

I also have a question. Since the horizontal tail section produces a downward force in flight, I wondered if a larger horizontal tail section would cause additional drag. Have you noticed any reduction in speed due to your elevator extensions?

Jack Martin

At 2:45pm on January 11, 2019, Carlos Sa said…

Hello, John

Looks like I can't reply directly to your comment re engine mount installation, so here it is:

I wasn't aware of the existence of this tool - it would probably have made life easier for the other three bolts, but I suspect it would not fit in the space I had for the 4th bolt.

Just inserting the regular C clamp took a great deal of maneuvering... 

But still, not as daunting a task as I expected. Patience and creativity go a long way.




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